About Us

CellNUVO is rapidly changing the landscape of how people pay their cell phone bills. We believe in providing a simple, transparent process with total flexibility to pick the carrier you want and the plan that bests suits you. We know that you want to have fast, high quality service with great coverage at a great low price, preferably FREE, without any hassles.

You have the power to keep and use your existing phone or choose any new smartphone with any plan on any carrier you want. If you choose to get a new smartphone, you can easily earn Silver to pay for it - free phone, free service, what a deal.

CellNUVO started in 2012 with the idea to provide free cell service to anyone in America, and after three years of development, testing and programming, launched in October 2015. In early 2017 the CellNUVO team recognized that users of CellNUVO technology showed a strong desire to use their Silver and Gold to secure additional goods and services, and in November of 2017 the CellNUVO team launched a more robust store experience for customers. CellNUVO allows users to not only pay their cell phone bill, but any bill and also use their Silver and Gold to get just about anything they want - for free.

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