As of August 1st 2018, we will no longer support the older versions of our app, so be sure to upgrade to version 3.00 or newer. The old version will not function after August 1, 2018.

To get the most opportunities to earn, make sure you are on Android version 5 or newer. Most of our sponsors and ad partners only support Android version 5 and newer so you will be missing out on most of the Silver. There is plenty of time to earn enough Silver to get a new phone for free. If your phone needs an upgrade, earn some Silver and get yourself a new phone so you can keep paying your monthly phone bill with the CellNUVO app.

Great! You installed the app and are ready to start earning. You can simply enter the word FREE in the referral code box in the CellNUVO app but if you heard about our app through an ad, be sure to use the promo code in the ad to get your bonus. If a friend told you about us ask them for their referral code, they will get a bonus every month.

You get to chose how you earn Silver, if you have just a bit of time, you can chose to earn Quick Silver, if you have a few minutes you can chose to earn more by interacting with longer messages and surveys.

You can earn unlimited Silver and how much you earn is up to you. Here are a few ways you can earn Silver:

1 Ad = 5 to 100 Silver Credits
1 Quick Questionnaire = 5 to 100 Silver Credits
1 Activity Award = 100 to 1,000 Silver Credits
1 Completed Survey = 100 to 5,000 Silver Credits

Yes, the app will inform you how much Silver you have used, how much you have left, as well as what our recommendation is for you based on prior history.

Yes and yes. CellLNUVO is different we want you to earn as much Silver as possible by participating in our surveys and interacting with our sponsors. You keep what you earn and use that Silver for whatever you want.


No, however the more information you provide over time the more personalized the surveys and advertisements become.


Android app: From your mobile device, simply launch the Google Play app, and search for "CellNUVO". You can also go to this link: CellNUVO on Google Play Store

That depends on whether you access the app while using the cellular network or on Wi-Fi. If you use the app while you're on a cellular data connection, then any data received by the app will be counted towards your plan limit (if you have one). However, since Wi-Fi data is not counted toward your monthly data usage, there are no additional data usage charges to use the CellNUVO app while connected to a Wi-Fi network.

You should use Wi-Fi as much as possible when using the app.

All data retrieved from the app is sent using a secured connection between the app and CellNUVO's servers.

If you experience any trouble while using the CellNUVO app, please email our support team: support@cellnuvo.com. Be sure to include important details such as the type of phone you're using, Android or iOS version, and any information to help us reproduce, troubleshoot and solve the problem you're experiencing.

When you first access the CellNUVO app, you'll be asked to enter your email and referral code. Simply enter your email and a referral code(if you do not have one, you can use the code word: FREE). We will then email you a password to the email address you provided. We suggest checking your email from another device to get your secure password. If you hard close the CellNUVO app before entering your password, you will need to start the registration process again.

You can use your Silver to pay for your cell bill and soon many other bills too. You can use Silver to buy a new phone on Amazon and any items in the store that you access through the CellNUVO app. You can pay one cell bill per month per CellNUVO account, with a maximum amount of 100 Gold per month. Each CellNUVO account can use their Gold to purchase one phone per year. Each CellNUVO account can spend up to 100 Gold per month as a prepayment towards the purchase of a new phone.

Yes! If you send your friends your referral code you will automatically earn 10% of all the Silver they earn each month.

No, you can refer as many friends as you like and you will receive 10% as long as they continue to earn Silver. However we have the right to shut down and exclude anyone who we feel is abusing the program and they will not receive the Silver.

Split-The-Pot is a daily game available to all users running our newest app version, 3.00. Each user has 20 available entries per day. To earn an entry all you do is swipe like you normally would, watch an ad, and you will receive Silver like you normally would, but you also win an entry for that day's Split-The-Pot. Each time an entry is earned from any of our users, we add more Silver to the daily Split-The-Pot.

Whoever wins the daily Split-The-Pot will win half of the Silver that is in the pot. The other half of the pot will roll over to the next day's game, so over time the Split-The-Pot will grow. The more users who enter the daily Split-The-Pot, the larger the Split-The-Pot pool grows.

PLEASE NOTE - Silver added to the Split-The-Pot does NOT reduce the Silver you earn when you watch an ad. It is additional Silver - This pot is a daily bonus pot to let our users hit it big.

After you complete the daily Split-The-Pot, you will automatically see the Number-Match game. There is a randomly generated grid of numbers (the same grid for all other app users/players at that time). Each time you watch an ad, in addition to the normal Silver added to your balance, you also get a randomly generated Lucky #. If this number matches a number on the grid the number will turn Gold/Yellow and you are one step closer to winning the Match-All-Pot. The first player to match all the numbers in the grid wins the entire Match-All-Pot.

Once a user completes their grid, they win the full Match-All-Pot, all users are notified that there was a winner and a new game automatically starts.

Silver added to the Match-All-Pot does NOT reduce the Silver you earn when you watch an ad. It is additional Silver - This Match-All-Pot is a bonus so you can get more Silver faster.

Awesome! You won the daily Split-The-Pot.

You will receive an email from Cellnuvo.com indicating that you won. The Silver will not be awarded to you and added to your balance until you claim your prize.

To claim your prize, go on your favorite social media site and post about your big win. Remember, the more people who play the bigger the jackpots will be. Alternatively, you can go to the Google Play Store and leave a review of the CellNUVO app, letting others know you won.

Then email a link or screenshot of your post or the details of your review to: support@cellnuvo.com. We will confirm and then transfer the jackpot to your account.

We have instituted this prize-claiming process primarily to provide complete transparency for all users who participate in the daily Split-The-Pot. Additionally, we want more users participating, so the more people who know about it, the bigger the prize becomes.