You get 3000 Silver on activation and the ability to earn Infinite Silver and Infinite Service FREE with no limits... Guaranteed.

SILVER:3000 to Start
VOICE:20 Silver = 1 Minute Voice Usage
TEXT:3 Silver = 1 SMS Message
DATA:20 Silver = 1 MB Data Usage
BONUS:This is just the beginning! Click here to see how to earn Unlimited Silver.

The Infinite Plan

The Infinite Plan is truly what makes CellNUVO so different. No cost, no limit service, it is just that simple. This is the NUVO way.

Earn Infinite Service

$0 gets you 3000 silver. By simply using your phone you can get infinitely more silver and receive FREE Infinite Service with no limits, guaranteed. Earn Infinite Service and Infinite Credits by sharing your opinion or by viewing ads, it is super easy and takes just a few seconds. Worried about running low? Don't be. Our service really is INFINITE (truly unlimited) you can earn more silver at anytime or, if you insist on spending your hard earned dollars, you can purchase 9000 silver for $10.

Let your phone work for you

Just like with the Flex Plan, it's your responsibility to maintain a balance of 500 Silver. You must also acquire at least 1 silver over the course of each 30 day period. Failing these will cause a temporary suspension of your service, this ensures our free service is not wasted. But seriously how hard is that? You can earn 10 silver in 2 seconds, and the CellNUVO app makes all this especially simple. If you just follow the apps simple recommendations, you will have limitless cell phone service at absolutely no cost. If your Silver Needed is red you need to earn more, pronto. If it is green you're good, keep going, if it is our NUVO color you are a rockstar and have it all figured out... rock on.

Welcome to CellNUVO the New Generation of cell service.