You get 18,000 credits each month and the ability to earn Infinite Silver.

VOICE:20 Silver = 1 Minute Voice Usage
TEXT:3 Silver = 1 SMS Message
DATA:20 Silver = 1 MB Data Usage
BONUS:This is just the beginning! Click here to see how to earn Unlimited Silver.

For only $19/month

$19 per month gets you 18,000 Silver. You are in complete control as you can choose to pay for your service or earn Infinite Silver and receive free service with NO LIMITS. You can even do a little of both, you decide what works for you.

Get Unlimited

Get Infinite Service and Infinite Silver by sharing your opinion or by viewing ad, it is super easy and takes just a few seconds. If you have 18,000 Silver at the end of the month you will not be charged $19 for the next month's service. If you insist on spending your hard earned money, you can pause this function and pay only for the service you need.

Let your phone work for you

No need to worry about running out of silver or service as both are unlimited. If you fall below 500 Silver you will be automatically given an additional 9,000 for $10 plus taxes and fees. Before that happens you will be given plenty of opportunities to earn the required Silver. Our intuitive CellNUVO app will constantly keep you in control by providing updates on your Silver (current balance, how many you have earned, used and need). Our typical subscriber earns more than they use and no longer pays for cell service. That's it, no hidden fees, no fine print, no contracts, no limits. If you have any question, you might find the answer in our FAQ or contact our support team.

Welcome to CellNUVO the New Generation of cell service.