Last updated 06/01/2015

Nuvo LLC operating as CellNUVO (and known herein as Nuvo) is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. Nuvo applies its own policies for the safety and security of the data of users of the Nuvo service. Please review this Privacy Policy as it contains important information about what kind of information requires your approval and how you can withhold your approval if you choose.

When you open an account with Nuvo, we give you the ability to receive offers from companies we think may interest you (by accepting our terms and using our service you are "opting in" to receive these particular offers). Company offers may include but are not limited to advertising, promotions, surveys, music, messages, email and/or other communications. When you participate in any of these offers you may earn credits, which will be applied, to your account. You can “opt out” and stop these offers by simply selecting the “Pause” feature in your account settings.


Certain information about the communications services you obtain from us is protected under federal law from unauthorized use and disclosure, including: (1) information about the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location and amount of use of your communications services and (2) information contained on your bill concerning your communications services. This information is known as “Customer Proprietary Network Information” or “CPNI.” Examples of CPNI include the phone numbers that you call, the length of phone calls, and communications services you purchase. CPNI does not include your name, address or phone number or aggregated information not specific to a single customer. CPNI also does not include information about non-telecommunications services, such as Internet access.

This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that Nuvo does not own or control, or to people Nuvo does not employ or manage. However, when Nuvo uses companies, agents, contractors or other third parties to perform services on its behalf, Nuvo requires that they protect CPNI and personally identifiable information consistent with this policy.

Information We Collect

Nuvo collects personally identifiable information and CPNI when customers register with Nuvo, when customers use Nuvo products or services, when customers visit Nuvo Web pages or the Web pages of certain Nuvo partners and when customers choose to enter promotions or sweepstakes or participate in a survey. 

Customers may also provide information in response to surveys, advertisements, promotions, contests and other messages conducted by Nuvo and its partners either online or offline. If this information is connected directly to your personally identifiable information, it is personally identifiable information under this policy. In addition, customers may provide Nuvo with personal information when they interact with us. For example, customers may provide such information when requesting or using Nuvo customer service.

In order to better personalize your service and to provide you offers tailored to your needs, Nuvo also collects information about customer transactions with us and with some of our business partners.

Collection of GPS

Most Nuvo devices have the ability to collect and store GPS location data, include time-stamped GPS data capable of identifying the location of the device at various times. You understand that this data may be disclosed to the account holder for the device or to other third parties who wish to provide you with promotions, surveys or other offers. You may turn off or opt out of GPS location data at any time by accessing the settings on your device. Turning off GPS may harm your ability to earn credits.

Use of Information
Administrative Messages

Nuvo uses personally identifiable information to create and maintain accounts, including the delivery of important administrative messages such as service announcements, privacy policy updates, terms of service updates, rate plan changes, balance notifications and account status notifications regarding that particular account (by e-mail, text message, call from customer service or any combination). Please note that when you unsubscribe from receiving marketing offers described herein, we will continue to send you this important account-related information.

Customized Services

Nuvo may also use personal information to make offers for customized services, promotions and content offerings.

Nuvo also uses and processes customer data to better understand our customers through the analysis of aggregate data related to those customers and their use of the Nuvo service.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

We may share information related to a Nuvo account with the account holder, even if the account holder and actual account user are different. This may include sharing information about usage of a particular device, like a mobile phone, with the person or entity that holds the Nuvo account related to that device.

We may share information with companies that work on behalf of Nuvo to provide a product or service that has been requested. We share this information only when it is required to deliver the service in question, and any company working with Nuvo to deliver such a service does not have a right to use the information we provide to them beyond what is necessary to assist us in delivering that product or service.

You may elect to participate in Nuvo-sponsored contests, giveaways, sweepstakes or other promotions and product or service opportunities that Nuvo may sponsor. If Nuvo should use third parties to deliver these promotions, Nuvo will share only the information required to allow them to do their job and will not allow the third party to use information for any other purposes without appropriate permission.

We respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process, or to establish or exercise legal rights or defend against legal claims.

We share information when we believe it is necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of Nuvo terms of use or as otherwise required or permitted by law or consistent with legal requirements.

We will transfer information about our customers if Nuvo is acquired by or merged with another company.

You may also want to take advantage of services and products offered by other companies through our wireless services, such as third-party network-aware applications or Web sites accessed through Nuvo Mobile Web. In those cases, you will be providing information to those companies directly, and information about you received by those third parties will be governed by their privacy policies, not this policy.

Ability to Update or Delete Information

If you have registered an account with us, you may request deletion of personally identifying information (if we have have collected any) by contacting our support team. You may pause the collection of information by selecting the “Pause” feature in your account settings. Please note that any information that we have obtained may remain in permanent archives or in backup storage for some period of time after a deletion request. This may be the case even though we will not use such information. Further, we retain call and other records consistent with legal requirements.

Personalization, Cookies, Web Beacons and Aggregate Data

This section identifies how Nuvo and third parties use Web technologies such as cookies and Web beacons, and identifies how your IP address may be seen or used as you use the Nuvo service. These technologies are generally used to improve or personalize a service in some way so that it is easier to use. Cookies are small text files placed on a computer's hard drive by a Web site when a customer visits that site. Cookies are used within the Nuvo service as follows:

  • Cookies identify a customer's computer and record customer preferences and other data about the visit. When customers return to the site, the site knows who they are and can personalize the visit to that site. Nuvo uses cookies to collect information to improve and personalize our services and make suggestions to customers. In most cases your computer will provide you with the ability to clear cookies and to disable cookies (this depends on the browser you are using).
  • When Nuvo is accessed from a mobile device, cookies are also used by our suppliers and third party vendors to facilitate the various services and information offered. Depending on the type of device being used, cookies may be stored locally on the device or on servers operated by Nuvo or our vendors/licensors. This Internet cookie-like functionality is used for the same purposes as cookies placed on a customer's computer when interacting with Internet Web sites. In many cases, your device will allow you to clear cookies if you do not want these to be maintained (this depends on the browser used by the device).
  • When you log in to the web site or use your mobile device, Nuvo recognizes your identity. Independently of cookies, Nuvo may personalize your experience and suggestions on the web site or on your mobile device.

Sites that customers visit while using Nuvo Mobile Web are controlled by separate companies, and their individual privacy policies will govern the information they receive from the cookie.

Nuvo may also place Web beacons on its site in conjunction with cookies to monitor how visitors are navigating and/or interacting with the site. A Web beacon is a small, sometimes transparent graphic image on a Web page, Web-based document or in an e-mail message that is designed to allow the site owner or a third party to monitor the address and other information of the user visiting the Web site or sending or responding to the e-mail. Web beacons are used within the Nuvo service as follows:

  • When the Web beacon points to a site to retrieve the image, at the same time it can pass along information such as the IP address of the computer, the time the Web beacon was viewed and for how long and the type of browser that retrieved the image.
  • Nuvo uses Web beacons to improve its site design and operational and business practices over time. Such beacons may also be used by third parties that provide Internet services for Nuvo users over the Mobile Web.
  • In some, but not all, computers, phones and other mobile devices, turning off the browser's cookies will prevent Web beacons from tracking the user's activity. The Web beacon will still account for an anonymous visit, but the information unique to the user will not be recorded.

IP addresses are used in the Nuvo service as follows:

  • An IP address allows information to be sent to and from a computer or other device on the Internet. IP addresses are often temporarily assigned. Temporarily assigned addresses are assigned to a user for a period of time so the user typically does not have the same address each time they use the service. If a user is using a permanent IP address (more common with servers than mobile, dial-up, DSL or cable Internet users), they will have the same address each time they use the service.
  • Nuvo collects IP addresses when people access our Web site.
  • Nuvo mobile devices receive temporary IP addresses when they use data services. These addresses are reassigned after each data session. IP addresses from Nuvo mobile devices are hidden from third parties you visit via the Mobile Web service to prevent these third parties from collecting Nuvo IP addresses.

Customer Proprietary Network Information

Nuvo exercises reasonable efforts to ensure the confidentiality of CPNI. Nuvo may use customer CPNI to market additional communications and data products and services similar to the types currently purchased from us. Subject to your permission, Nuvo may contact you to market additional products and services that our partners and we sell.

Nuvo discloses customer CPNI as required by law (see "Information Sharing and Disclosure" above). And, to provide service, we may use and disclose CPNI to our agents and independent contractors, but we restrict their use and limit disclosure of CPNI for purposes of providing service or to market products and services as previously described. We will also prohibit the third party from further disclosing the CPNI except as required by law and will require the third party to implement safeguards to protect the confidentiality of the CPNI.

Confidentiality and Security

Nuvo works to safeguard your personally identifiable information. Nuvo limits access to personally identifiable information about our customers to personnel who we believe reasonably need to use that information to provide products or services to our customers or in order to do their jobs. We have physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect personal information about our customers. We use technologies to safeguard personal information including:

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
  • Firewalls and intrusion detection systems
  • Password protection of systems containing personally identifiable information.

As with any Web site, the security of information also depends on the safe computing practices of its customers. We strongly recommend that all Nuvo customers:

  • should use strong passwords that are not easily guessed for system access.
  • should not share passwords with others.
  • should not respond to e-mails or text messages asking for password information.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Nuvo may update this policy from time to time if our practices change or if changes in the law require us to do so. We will notify customers about significant changes in the policy by sending a notice to the primary e-mail address specified in the Nuvo account or by placing a prominent notice on our site. By continuing to utilize our websites and/or services, you are agreeing that we may use and disclose information in accordance with those updates policies, including information we have previously collected. If you do not consent to those updated policies, you must cease use or our websites and/or services and must promptly notify us or, as appropriate, update your information preferences by logging in to your online account and using the tools we provide.

Questions and Suggestions

If you have questions or suggestions about this policy, you can contact us at: