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Cell Companies have done us wrong for years, locking us into high priced, long term contracts, limiting usage and way overcharging. Do right by you. Ditch your current cell service - Break Free!

CellNUVO gives you the nation's newest super fast 4G LTE network with NO Limits. Simply choose between our $19 a month Flex plan or our $0 a month Infinite plan and pay nothing, nada, zip, zilch, $0 - Be Free!

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The nation's newest super-fast, super-reliable network with 4G SUPER LTE

Our network covers 250 million Americans with 4G LTE and 125 Million on 4G Super LTE. Our New Generation 4G LTE-Advanced deployment is underway, with speeds 7 times faster than existing LTE networks, achieving over 100 mbps, with NO LIMITS!

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Use the smartphone you already own. Or, buy one from us!

-Apple iPhones using iOS7 or newer.

-Android phones with Android version 2.3 or newer.

Currently our service works with CDMA Android and iPhone devices. GSM Android and iPhone devices are to be added in a few weeks. If you don't already have a compatible phone, check out our awesome selection here.

CellNUVO phones start at only $99.00. Get No Payments and No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases over $99 when you checkout with PayPal and choose PayPal Credit. We offer great phones from Samsung and Apple including the Galaxy and iPhone.

Yes, you really can buy a new smartphone and Checkout for $0 and with Infinite Free Service you earn Infinite Credits... your cellular service costs $0 too.


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Galaxy S III

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Moto E

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Your Current Smartphone

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Our Customers Think We Are The Best

“Such high quality service and I haven’t had a cell bill in almost two years, this was one of the best financial decision I have ever made.” - Brad, age 34

“I initially couldn’t believe that there was a free no limit cell phone service, but over the last 18 months that I have used CellNUVO I have become a true believer.” - Jerry, Chicago

“After I retired I was looking for a way to save money, and with CellNUVO I can chat with my grandkids for free.” - Terri, age 68

“With three teenagers at home, my cell phone bill was outrageous, but since we started using CellNUVO in 2013, I have saved almost $5,000” - Becky, mother of three

“CellNUVO does it right, I recommend their service to all my friends.” - Tom, Kewanee.

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Say Goodbye to Contracts.

CellNUVO will never lock you into any contracts. Simply use the service for as long as you want it... by earning Infinite Credits or topping up. No contracts, no termination charges and no limits on service.

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Keep your number or get a new one!

With CellNUVO you can either keep the number you have, or get a new one!

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How it works:

CellNUVO service works the way you do. No limits! No thresholds, no slowdowns, no overages, no fine print... truly infinite. You won't run out of data, minutes or texts because your credits grow as you use the service: our system “automagically” manages it for you.

Choose your plan:

Nuvo Infinite

Infinite Plan:

$0 gets you 2500 credits to start. By simply using your phone you will automatically earn more credits. You can earn Infinite Credits and receive FREE Infinite Service with no limits, guaranteed.
Flex Nuvo

Flex Monthly Plan:

$19 per month gets you 5000 credits each month. You are in control as you can choose to pay for your service or earn Infinite Credits and receive free service with NO LIMITS. You can even do a little of both, you decide what works for you.

Worried about running low? Don't be. Our service really is INFINITE (truly unlimited) you can always earn more credits at anytime or, if you insist on spending your hard earned dollars, you can purchase 2500 credits for $10.

How do credits work?

Here’s how you can use your Infinite Credits:

1 text = -1 credit

1 minute of talk time = -10 credits

1 MB of data = -10 credits

You're probably thinking if 2500 credits gets me 2500 texts they must be hard to earn: but no it is super easy and takes just a few seconds.

Here’s how easy it is to earn Infinite Credits:

1 Thank You Message = +50 credits

1 Usage Reward = +15 credits

1 Short Survey = +75 credits

1 Top Up Ad = +15 credits

For Infinite Service with no limits, just use your phone - it really is that easy.

We believe in 100% transparency so please be aware of the following:

Activation: There is a one-time $29 activation fee and a $4.95 SIM card cost may apply.

Phones: If your current phone is not compatible you will need to buy one from us.

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Let’s Do This.

  1. Because no limits, no lock-ins, no termination charges, no high monthly fees

  2. Because you can earn Infinite Talk, Text, and Data... Guaranteed.

  3. Because you can keep your phone or buy one of ours, keep the same number, or get a new one.

  4. Because our 4G LTE network covers 250 million Americans and 125 Million are covered on 4G Super LTE Network.

  5. Because $0 Checkout +
    $0 Infinite Plan =
    $0 Cell Service.

  6. Because you deserve it, do right by you!
    Break Free... Be Free!

Because this is the best deal around, get started now!

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I would like to use my existing phone.

Step 1.  Pick your plan:
-Apple iPhones using iOS7 or newer.

-Android phones with Android version 2.3 or newer.
Step 2.  Check phone compatibility.
Step 3.  Checkout.
We will create your account and email your info along with instructions on how to activate your phone.
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I need an awesome new phone.

Step 1.  Pick your plan:
Step 2.  Pick your phone.
CellNUVO has a wide array of new and refurbished devices available for purchase. Just pick your favorite, add it to your cart, and begin saving.
Step 3.  Checkout.
We will create your account and email your info along with instructions on how to activate your phone.
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